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Summer Rain | 8.22.2016

Rains over the last week have provided a nice break to our typical Texas heat, but your carpets might not be so thrilled. Sand rarely sticks to your shoes well enough to make it inside past a good placemat, but the increases of mud and dirt we've seen in the last week can be harder to remove at the door and more likely to reach your indoor walkways.

The problem with mud and dirt is that it can wear away at your carpets' fibers over time once it dries. The dried sand particles act like tiny pieces of razor sharp glass. They're too small to hurt your feet, but will grind away at the individual strands of your carpet causing it do dull and fray. A good vaccum cleaner can help prevent this, but even the best is not going to be able to solve the problem entirely.

The best way to protect your carpets, the way that almost all carpet manufactures recommend, is to have your carpets steam cleaned by a professional cleaning service that uses hot water extraction. At Pro Clean, our trained carpet cleaning technicians and top of the line equipment can help keep your carpets clean and beautiful for years to come.

Enjoy the rain and the cooler temperatures while the last, and call Pro Clean the next time you need your carpets cleaned.