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Summer Carpet Cleaning | 7.11.2016

Dusty Home
Summer is in full swing here in Tyler. By some reports, we recorded the highest nighttime temperature since records started being kept. Indoors, controlling dust and allergens coming in with the dry air can be a job in itself. Dusting and vaccuming helps, but a great way to clear the air is to really focus on your carpets.

Carpets often make up one of the largest surface areas in our homes, so they naturally collect anything and everything whether it is dust, food, or allergens. The best way to completely clean your carpets is with high power truck mounted machinese like the ones we use at Pro Clean Restoration. Our steam carpet cleaning service reaches all the things your home vaccum can't.

We also offer services to clean your rugs which we can do in your home or back at our office with our pickup and delivery service. Additionally, we can help improve your home's air quality by doing a complete cleaning of your air conditioning and heating ducts.

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