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Daylight Savings & Your Carpets | 3.13.2017

Daylight Sunrise

Time sprung forward this weekend. Some people look at the move to Daylight Savings Time as being robbed of an hour of sleep, but we like to look at it as giving up one short hour for an entire spring and summer of activity and fun!

The warmer temperatures and extended daylight hours mean more time outside exploring and playing, but it also means we tend to track more of what was outside to our carpets inside. Dirt, pollen, leaves and grass, all hitch a ride on our clothing and on our feet and wind up settling in our carpets. This affects carpets in two ways:

* 1st, is the more obvious, more outdoor fun leads to carpets that get dirtier more quickly. That blade of grass or crushed leaf that made its way inside after a day of adventure is just the smallest part of the great outdoors that is now indoors making a new home on and in your carpets. Without a periodic cleaning, your carpets will slowly get more dull and dusty over time just because its natural sheen is being covered up.

* 2nd, as the dirt we track in dries out it settles more deeply in between carpet fibers and starts to act like millions of little pieces of sandpaper that rub away at the protective coating of individual carpet fibers. After a while, the carpet fibers themselves come under attack and will eventually lose their luster and softness. And no amount of vacuuming or cleaning after the fact can bring those things back!

These two effects caused by dirty carpets are why carpet manufacturers highly recommend that homeowners have their carpets professionally cleaned on a regular schedule. Not only are you helping your carpet look better in the short term, you are protecting it from long term damage and significantly extending its useful life. Vacuuming regularly helps, of course, but nothing can clean as deeply as a professional grade hot water extraction system like the kind we use at Pro Clean Restoration.

At Pro Clean, we have been cleaning carpets for families in Tyler and Longview Texas, and the entire East Texas area for over 15 years. Our friendly staff is based right here in Tyler and is ready to provide you with top quality service from start to finish.

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