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Fire Damage Cleanup Experts | 2.21.2017

Picture of a flooded tool shed

Thre is little more destructive to a home or business than a fire. With a fire, the damage done spreads far and wide in the form of soot and smoke. Not only are you left with the physical and the sometimes necessary damage caused by putting out the fire, you also end up with entire rooms made unsuitable for occupation. Sometimes entire areas of a home or business can be blackened by the presance of a nearby fire, and all of that accumulated soot has to be cleaned up before those areas can be used again.

Cleaning up after a fire is no simple taks. Not only do damaged areas need to be removed and replaced, there's a lot of work that needs to go into cleaning everything nearby from the floor to the ceiling. This also often includes things like nearby equipment and keepsakes which can be dirtied and blackened by the debris put off by a fire.

At Pro Clean, we are have dealt with all of these problems before. Not only do we have the experience and training to clean up your home or business after a fire, we also have a variety of special tools to help clean up every last trace of dirt and soot that cling to your belongings. For especially tough or delicate items, we even have specialized tools back at our office that can show dramatic results.

Of course, we hope you never have to deal with a home or office fire, but if you do we're here to help you start the cleanup process. Give us a call anytime, day or night, at 903-939-9802.