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Now Is A Great Time To Get Your Air Ducts Cleaned | 10.10.2016

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When we stepped outside this morning, we were greeted by a pleasantly nippy chill in the air. It was one of the first signs of Fall that we've really felt so far this year. The cooler temps are a good remninder to start thinking about making sure your heating system is ready.

One of the things that homeowners sometimes forget is to make sure their air vents are ready for the cooler weather. Your air ducts have spent the past several months keeping you cool, but they've also been collecting the pollen and allergens that fill our East Texas air in the springtime and our drier, dustier air that we live with all throughout the summer.

Over time, your ducts will slowly cling onto dust and dirt leading to a significant build up along their inner walls. As more and more builds up, your heating and cooling system slowly becomes less and less effective. It has less room to push hot and cold air, and the buildup inside your vents causes extra friction, slowing the air flowing past it, which means less makes it to you.

At Pro Clean Restoration, we have the tools and the experience necessary to completely clean your air ducts. Our air duct cleaning system uses a combination of motorized spinning brushes to break up the dust and allergens lining your ducts, and high pressure suction to pull it completely out of your air vents. We then follow up with a special spray that coats the inside of your vents and helps prevent dust and allergens from gathering there in the future.

So, when you begin checking your heating system and your air filters, be sure and think about your home or business' air ducts as well. We serve Tyler, Longview, and Jacksonville Texas and the greater East Texas area. You can give us a call at 903-939-9802.

And be sure and enjoy the cooler weather!