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Spring Pet Stain Removal | 3.30.2017

Pet stain on carpet
As we move into the warmer months of spring, now is a great time to let us clean away pet stains Click to read more.

Daylight Savings & Your Carpets | 3.13.2017

Longer days mean more time having fun in the sun, but they also represent a bigger risk to the long term health of your carpets. Click to read more.

Fire Damage Cleanup | 2.21.2017

Cleaning up after a fire is a tough job, but we have the skills, training, and equipment to help set your home or business right. Click to read more.

Fast Water Damage Cleanup | 1.23.2017

We offer a quick, 24/7 emergency response to help you start the cleanup process after your home or business has suffered water damage or flooding. Click to read more.

Happy New Year | 1.16.2017

We're hoping for a great new year! Click to read more.

Merry Christmas | 12.25.2016


Our East Texas temperatures may be in the 70's, but even still, all of us at Pro Clean Restoration wish you a very Merry Christmas!

Water Damage Cleanup Services | 11.30.2016

Hot Water Heater
As we move into Fall and soon into Winter, the cooler temperatures and increased demands on our water systems can cause an increase in leaks and flooding. That's why we are here to help. Click to read more.

Happy Thanksgiving | 11.28.2016

Orange november leaves
From everyone here at Pro Clean, we hope you had a happy Thanksgiving! And, as the year begins to wind down, we hope you and your family will have a great holiday season.

Three Weeks Until Thanksgiving | 11.2.2016

Orange november leaves
The hectic holiday season is now visible at the bottom of our calendars. Give yourself a small headstart by taking advantage of our carpet cleaning, tile floor cleaning, or air duct cleaning services before the holidays hit. Click to read more.

Halloween Carpet Spot Cleaning | 10.28.2016

Halloween Candy
Halloween candy is supposed to go into your little ones' mouths, but sometimes it finds its way into the fabrics of your carpets or furniture! From candy to food and drinks spills, our Spot Cleaning Service can help vanish the more minor accidents that happen around your home. Click to read more.

Now Is A Great Time To Get Your Air Ducts Cleaned | 10.10.2016

Deep Carpet Cleaning
That nip in the air is a good reminder to make sure your air ducts are clean and your heating system is ready to go. Click to read more.

Professional Carpet Cleaning Services | 10.5.2016

Deep Carpet Cleaning
With our top of the line equipment, friendly carpet cleaning experts, and service that can't be beat, you won't go wrong by picking Pro Clean Restoration for your next carpet cleaning job. Click to read more.

Water Damage Restoration | 9.12.2016

Flooded House
Water damage can range from a small busted pipe and damp floor to full on flooding and property loss. At Pro Clean Restoration, our experienced crews can help you begin to put things back together after a water related emergency. Click to read more.

Summer Rain | 8.22.2016

Flooded House
Rains over the last week have provided a nice break to our typical Texas heat, but your carpets might not be so thrilled. Sand rarely sticks to your shoes well enough to make it inside past a good placemat, but the increases of mud and dirt we've seen in the last week can be harder to remove at the door and more likely to reach your indoor walkways. Click to read more.

Tile and Kitchen Floor Cleaning Service | 8.9.2016

Kitchen Floor
Carpets aren't the only thing that has to put up with our footsteps day in and day out. Our kitchen floors have to deal with most everything our carpets deal with while also facing the drops and spills that come with cooking great meals.

Fortunately, cleaning your kitchen floor of spills, stains, and built up dirt fits right in with our carpet cleaning processes. We still use our powerful vehicle-based cleaning units to break up the dirt on your floor with powerful hot jets of steam. With custom brushes and attachments, we can clean your tile floors without leaving marks or scratches. With a little drying time, your kitchen floors will look and feel like new!

Get your kitchen and tile floors cleaned today by calling Pro Clean Restoration at 903-939-9802. We provide our tile floor cleaning services in Tyler, Longview, Jacksonville, and all of the East Texas area.

Upholstery Cleaning Service | 8.4.2016

When we think of cleaning up dust, dirt, and spills, we tend to think of the effects they have on our floors and carpets. Sometimes, though, our most embarrassing spills land on our chairs or couches. Have you ever had to say, “don’t worry, that’s just a harmless spill,” to someone as they hesitate to sit down? Click to read more.

Summer Carpet Cleaning | 7.11.2016

Dust Rays

Summer is in full swing here in Tyler. By some reports, we recorded the highest nighttime temperature since records started being kept. Indoors, controlling dust and allergens coming in with the dry air can be a job in itself. Dusting and vaccuming helps, but a great way to clear the air is to really focus on your carpets. Click to read more.

Emergency Restoration Services | 6.20.2016

Pro Clean Restoration Truck
Home and business disasters don’t stick to a 9-5 schedule, so neither do we. At Pro Clean Restoration, both our Water Damage Restoration and Fire Damage Restoration services are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Click to read more.

Rainfall and flooding have been a large concern in East Texas over the last few months, but they aren’t the only threats to your home or business. Broken pipes, misbehaving appliances, busted water heaters, and more, can all put inches of water where they don’t belong. Getting water damage cleanup started quickly is essential to limiting rotting and mold growth. Pro Clean can be at the site of a water mishap, no matter the time it occurs, and put our experienced Water Damage Restoration crews and high end equipment to work restoring your property.

Likewise, the after effects of a fire bring their own health and safety hazards that need to be dealt with quickly before major structure repairs can begin. At Pro Clean, we have the tools to help you begin cleanup the same day that a fire occured. We also have special Fire Damage Restoration equipment to help clean and restore personal items affected by a fire. Items blackened by smoke or soot can often be cleaned to like-new status when given the proper attention.

In either case, there is no need to wait. Give Pro Clean Restoration a call at 903-939-9802 day or night to get water damage or fire damage cleanup started as soon as possible.

In either case, there is no need to wait. Give Pro Clean Restoration a call at 903-939-9802 day or night to get water damage or fire damage cleanup started as soon as possible.

Sunshine! | 6.09.2016

Hot Water Extraction Carpet Cleaning
Finally, some sunshine!

Maybe it isn’t true, but it felt like all we’ve gotten for the last month is rain, rain, rain. We’re appreciating the warmer weather, clearer skies, and drier streets and yards.

But what about all the mud and dirt and grime that got tracked around over the past few weeks? It’s well known that that it is the tiny, sharp particles of sand that eat away at the luster of your carpet’s individual fibers. Vacuuming helps, but it is only an incomplete, partial solution.

The best way to extend the life of your carpets is to have the professionally cleaned. At Pro Clean, we have the best equipment and a friendly, highly trained staff who are able to meet are your carpet and floor cleaning needs.

Hot Water Extraction | 5.09.2016

Hot Water Extraction Carpet Cleaning
At Pro Clean Restoration, we provide the Tyler, Texas area with high end, professional carpet cleaning services. All of our carpet cleaning is performed by trained technicians using vehicle mounted hot water extraction.

What is Hot Water Extraction carpet cleaning? You might know it better as steam cleaning. What we do is use our cleaning vehiclesl to power powerful vaccum machines that work by presurizing steaming hot water and carpet cleaning agent. This hot water and cleaner is forced through the fibers of your carpet at high pressure so that it frees trapped dirt and allergens. Our system then quickly uses powerful suction to remove most of the moisture (and dirt!) from your carpet.

The combination of heat, cleaning solution, and rapid water removal makes hot water extraction the prefered method of cleaning carpets. It gets your carpets cleaner and lets them dry quicker than other carpet cleaning methdos. Most carpet makers even recognize it specifically as the type of cleaning mandated by their carpets' guarantees.

If your carpets are due to be cleaned by something more powerful than a home vaccum, give Pro Clean a call. We service Tyler, Longview, and all of East Texas and can handle jobs ranging from spot cleaning to the largest houses or businesses.

You can schedule your hot water extraction carpet cleaning with us by calling 903-939-9802.

More Rain & Hail | 4.28.2016

Hail in East Texas
ALl the news services are predicting sever weather coming this Friday that could stretch on to next Monday. Reports currently indicate thunderstorms and even some predictions of more spring hail in store for us this weekend.

As always, we have to be vigilant around East Texas for flooding. Especially with the very wet Spring we've been having. The rain is nice, and we'll miss it come summer, but too much too fast and it stops helping prevent drought conditions and starts ruining your floors, carpets, and walls.

If water gets into your home, Pro Clean's water damage restoration service can help you start the cleanup process 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The longer you let water and moisture sit the worse things will be, so give us a call as soon as you can.

To get ahold of us, in Tyler call: 903-939-9802. In Longview: 903-235-8838. And for Jacksonville: 903-586-3101.

It's Flooding Again in East Texas | 4.18.2016

Flooding in East Texas
Thunderstorms swept into the Tyler Texas region late last night bringing us heavy rain and a bit of lightening and thunder. Forecasts put Tyler, Longiview and the rest of the East Texas area down for a mixture of light and heavy rain over the next couple of days. It’s never a good idea to wish our rain away, since our typically hot, dry Texas summer is fast approaching, but with reports of heavy flooding down in Houston (they’ve gotten something like 16 inches of rain so far!) and concerns of renewed flooding in East Texas towns like Longview and Kilgore maybe asking for a little less percipitation is starting to make sense.

If flood waters do manage to get into your home or business, remember that our East Texas water damage restoration teams can respond any time day or night to help you minimize damage. At Pro Clean, we field the most up to date equipment manned by our friendly, experienced staff, so you know you’ll be getting top notch service.

To get ahold of us, in Tyler call: 903-939-9802. In Longview: 903-235-8838. And for Jacksonville: 903-586-3101.

Reduce Spring Allergens | 4.05.2016

Close up of Pollen
Spring is here. The flowers are blooming, the bees are buzzing, and the allergens are causing allergies to flare! Pollen, unfortunately, gets on everything and in everything. Sometimes, going inside isn't enough to find relief. Allergns can follow you in and will settle on your carpets, furniture, and in your air ducts. The slightest movement can have the allergy-causing particles circulating throughout your home.

Pro Clean Restoration can help you manage your allergies with our Carpet Cleaning| and Air Conditioning Duct Cleaning services.

Our Carpet and Rug Cleaning service employs powerful, truck mounted steam cleaning equipment along with proven stain and allergy fighting solutions to help rid your home of the dust and pollen giving you trouble. When combined with our Air Duct cleaning, which uses powerful suction and motorized cleaning brushes to sweep every inch of your ductwork, you can breath easy knowing that the accumulated allergens invading your house are no more.

To schedule a Carpet or Duct cleaning for your house, give us a call at 903-939-9802 or send us an email at info@procleanrestoration.net.

Spring Is Here | 3.21.2016

Spring Cleaning Sign
Our East Texas weather sure seems to have a sense of humor. We had pratically no winter but now that Spring is here our temperatures fall from the mid 80's to the lower 40's! These low temps won't stick of course. Soon enough, we'll be back 100 degree summers. But, in the mean time, there a chance to get a bit of spring cleaning done.

Most carpet makers advise that you have your carpets professionally cleaned at least once a year, and almost all of them recommend that you have them steam cleaned using Hot Water Extraction. At Pro Clean Restoration, our highly trained staff has access latest and most powerful carpet cleaning equipment which lets them go far beyond your basic vaccum cleaning.

By cleaning your carpet with Hot Water Extraction, we are able to pull up the sand, allergens, and dirt that gets stuck down where your vaccum can reach. By pulling out this dust and debris, you actually extent the life and luster of your carpets by making sure the soft, easily damanged carpet fibers only press into each other instead of the tiny by rough-edged grains that we bring in from outside.

To get your spring carpet cleaning scheduled, give us a call today at 903-939-9802. Be sure and mention that you saw our blog or follow us on Facebook or Twitter for 10% off your carpet cleaning.

Multiple East Texas Cities Suffer Flooding | 3.10.2016

Stormy Dallas Skyline
The storms we saw coming last week have swept across East Texas and deposited large amounts of rain. We have been seeing reports of road closures, power outages, and Chapel Hill, Whitehoue, and Winona even were issued a tornado warning early yesterday morning.

More than 5 inches of rain were reported in the Tyler area, and multiple cities including Tyler, Longview, and Kilgore have delcared weather related disasters due to the heavy rainfall. Pictures and video coming over local news channels show overflown creeks, submerged roads, and even a local area golf course with significant sections partially underwater.

With so much flooding across the area it pays to be careful right now. Check local news for reports of blocked travel routes if you can before you try and go somewhere, and never try and drive through a section of flooded roadway. It is far too easy to underestimate the extent of the flooding or the force even a few inches of water can exert on your or your vehicle. It is always far safer to find another way to your destination.

If your home or business has suffered water damage during this week's storms, remember Pro Clean is here to help. We have powerful equipment and highly trained workers standing by to help you start the cleanup process. Our services are available across the East Texas area and we can respond to flooding any time, day or night.

Storms Coming Next Week | 3.4.2016

Stormy Dallas Skyline
Forecasts are prediciting a rough, damp week next week. The Tyler Texas area, as well as the rest of East Texas, look like they are in for an entire week of wind and rain. Around here, we've learned to not complain too badly about getting rain because we know that come summer and 100 degree days we'll wish it would rain for a week. Unfortuantely, that doesn't mean storms can't cause us problems while they are here.

With heavy rains comes the chance of flooding and water damage to your home or business. Water damage can ruin floors and walls, damage electrical systems, and brings with them the potential of longer term problems like unseen mold growth. If your East Texas home or business suffers flooding you need to call someone who can quickly get things restored for you.

At Pro Clean Restoration, we are ready to serve Tyler, Longview, and the rest of the East Texas area 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, rain or shine. Our Water Damage Restoration teams have the training and equipment they need to deal with any kind of flooding emergency.

During the stormy days to come remember that Pro Clean Restoration can handle any Water Damage Restoration need. You can reach us day or night at 903-939-9802, by email at info@procleanrestoration.net , or by visiting the Contact Page of our website.

We're Ready to help 24/7 | 2.26.2016

Image showing same scene in day and night
Fire damage and water damage emergencies aren't limited to any set schedule so neither are we. Pro Clean Restoration provides emergency cleanup services that are avaliable 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

If you have a job that can't wait, water flooding a room, fire damage keeping you out of your home, give us a call at any time and we can get started right away.

Did You Know Steam Cleaning Is The Most Sanitary Option | 2.18.2016

Steam carpet cleaner and carpet.
According to the Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC), not only does steam carpet cleaning do a better job, it is more sanitary as well.

Cleaning your carpet just with your home vacuum cleaner won’t ever result in a complete cleaning. Even the more powerful home vacuums only use brushes and suction and just can’t reach down far enough to clean the lower areas of your carpet.

Older shampoo methods, while better since they penetrate farther into your carpet, don’t do as much as other methods to break up dirt and allergens. Plus, most shampoo treatment take significantly longer to dry than other methods. Certain shampoo formulas can sometimes alter your carpet’s color as well.

The method we, and the IICRC, prefer is hot water extraction steam carpet cleaning. Professional hot water extraction machines blast heated water and steam down to the lowest layers of your carpet’s fibers which makes sure every layer of your carpet gets cleaned. The heat of the water also has the added benefit of killing bacteria and germs that take hold in your carpet.

The end result is that having your carpets steam cleaned is the best way to go. If your carpets haven’t been cleaned recently, give Pro Clean Restoration a call at 903-939-9802 or email us at info@procleanrestoration.net and we can talk to you about your options

Winter Air Duct Cleaning | 1.27.2016

Damaged water heater flooding basement.
It's been a tough week, weather wise, for the eastern United States. Washington D.C. was blanked with at least 18 inches of snow, while some cities received 30 inches or more in just a couple of days! Here in East Texas, it is unusual if we get a foot of snow totaled over our entire winter. Just because we don't get a lot of snow doesn't mean we don't get a small slice of cooler weather and with that cooler weather comes increased used of our heating systems. One thing to consider is having your home's air ducts professionally cleaned to ensure its smooth operation.

At Pro Clean Restoration, our duct cleaning system uses both high suction from our filtered, truck mounted negative air machine and a motorized cleaning whip to knock free the dust, dirt, and allergens that cling to the inside of your home's ductways. The end result is a clear passage for your heater to push air through and cleaner air coming out of your vents.

If you can't remember the last time you had your ducts cleaned give us a call or email and we can walk you through our entire process.

Water Damage Cleanup Day or Night | 1.22.2016

Water damage to your home or business can come from a surprisingly wide vareity of sources. Busted pipes, malfunctioning appliances, a leaking roof, a damaged water heater, or exterior flooding that makes it way inside. Pro Clean Restoration has the experience and equipment to handle them all.

Damaged water heater flooding basement.

If something like this should occur to your home it is important to get cleanup started as soon as possible. Quickly handling water damage helps minimize the risk of mold and other types of damage that can occur with standing water. At Pro Clean, we are ready to respond to water damage disasters day or night. For more information call us at 903-939-9802 or email us at info@procleanrestoration.net.

Rug Cleaning Options | 1.15.2016

One of the nice things about area and oriental rugs is their portability. This gives you some aditional cleaning options not avaliable with your home's carpet. Our experienced technicians can, of course, clean your rugs in place using the same powerful hot water extraction techniques we use on the rest of your carpets. But, given their portability, we are also able to offer pickup and delivery for rugs of all sizes.

Hallway with rugs of various sizes Scheduling a rug pickup with us is just as easy as scheduling any of our more traditional cleaning options, but has the added advantage of saving you some time. We can clean your rugs at our location and bring them back to you once they are dry and ready to place. Having your rugs cleaned offsite gives you the flexibility of not needing to carve precious hours out of your day and erases the worries of having to keep pets or children off of your rugs while they dry.

To learn more about the home cleaning services we can offer you just give us a call at 903-939-9802 or email us at info@procleanrestoration.net.

We Handle Fire Damage, Too | 12.30.2015

Although Fire Damage Restoration is one of our core services, it is a bit more difficult to bring up in day to day conversation than the other things we do. Most understand the need for having their carpets cleaned before a major holiday and many people have experienced at least minor house flooding at one time or another, but very few have suffered a house fire.

Fire is especially disruptive because not only does it directly damage the things it touches, it also spreads ash and soot far and wide making recovery and cleanup after the fact far more challenging than one might initially think.

At Pro Clean Restoration, our IICRC certified staff has the experience and know how to quickly and efficiently restore your home or business after a fire. We handle the cleanup of your home or office and the cleaning of your affected personal items with equal care and attention. We have a wide variety of proven restoration methods that allow us to deal with all the effects of fire damage from the blackening nearby items to the lingering smell of smoke.

We also take care the insurance claims process. Our staff has worked with all the major insurers in the East Texas area and specialize in direct billing. From our 24 hour emergency Fire Damage Restoration service to the delicate care we put into restoring your home or business to our ability to simplify your billing, it should be clear that Pro Clean Restoration is the company you should contact for all your restoration needs.

Now It Feels Like Winter | 12.28.2015

This weekend's rain finally brought the cooler temperatures we all expect from late December. We don't expect many White Christmases around the East Texas area, but readouts in the upper 70's seemed just a little much to us!

The previous week, unfortunately, brought some severe weather to parts of Texas over the holidays:

Texas Tornado

If your home suffered damage or leaks from our unusual weather give us a call and we can move in and restore things back to how they were. And don't forget, we are also here for you in the event of fire damage, or if you simply need a good carpet cleaning in preperation for the new year.

Now's The Time For Holiday Carpet Cleaning | 12.1.2015

With the rain finally letting up, now is a great time to think about a deep carpet cleaning from Pro Clean Restoration. Get mud, dirt, and stains out, and make sure your carpets are ready to bring some holiday cheer to your guests. Remember, you can like us on Facebook or follow us on Twitter for 10% off any carpet cleaning.

One Wet Weekend | 10.26.2015

In a week where Mexico got battered by "one of the strongest hurricanes ever recorded," we've been coping with aftermath up here in East Texas. Multiple Texas towns and cities have been dealing with serious flooding, some highways have been completely covered in water, and even a full blown freight train got knocked off its tracks by the flood waters!
Train overturned by flood waters
Our home base in Tyler Texas fared better, we got some 7 inches of rain but most of our streets remained open without issue. That doesn't mean your home or business escaped unscathed, of course. We've been hearing reports here and there of leaks and minor flooding across the East Texas area. Give us a call if your home or business got a little more damp than you would have liked! Our Water Damage Restoration Service can put things right with minimal fuss.

By dealing with home or business flooding quickly, you can save yourself costly damage and reduce the risk of long term problems like mold growth. Don't wait or try do do a "good enough" job by yourself. Pro Clean Restoration is here to help.

Welcome To Pro Clean Restoration | 5.1.2014

Welcome to the new Pro Clean Restoration Website.

Check out our Tweets on Twitter | 7.3.2014